How to upgrade - Flashing Samsung C3312 Delux using Flashtool

How to upgrade - Flashing Samsung C3312 Delux using Flashtool :

 In a few moments you are going to know how you are going to update your firmware.
    Some may ask that "Why i should take my own risk of spoiling my mobile .
    Here are some reasons that why you should update your firmware.
  •  Service Support for Samsung Mobiles are very bad nowdays.
  •  Upgrading Firmware in the Service center costs you even in the Warranty period.
  •  You can get choco cooky font in your mobile at free of cost.
  •  Upgrading the firmware makes your internet experience better.
  •  Upgrading a firmware of a mobile is not at all a grand work.
  •   A basic knowledge of computer operation is enough.      
  • Here are the softwares you need to flash your Samsung Champ Deluxe C3312.
    Preparation prior to upgradde

    1. WinRAR [To Extract the Firmware Downloaded]. Click Here to Download 
        Language Indonesia .Click Here To Download
    2. A FlashTool EM_XMM2150.Click here to Download Flasher 
    3. Firmware Files [.rar format to be extracted]. Click here to download Firmware File 
    Step by step / tutorial 

    You should now prepare your mobile to enter to the boot mode..
    Before Entering to the Boot Mode.
    1. Prepare a backup of your personal files in the phone memory..
    2. To Create a backup go to
        Menu --> Settings --> Backup Manager --> Select the Backup you want.
    Now when all the backup is overswitch off your mobile.
    Now Remove your back panel cover and connect your USB Cable.
    Immediatly press "VOLUME DOWN KEY" + "LOCK KEY" Simultaneously.
    Now your Phone Enters the Boot Mode and You see a Image of a Mobile Phone with a Arrow Facing that mobile.
    Now Open the Flasher [FlashTool_E2.exe]
    Ignore the Error Messages and Click OK.
    The window looks like below. 

    Now add the Files you have downloaded as the Firmware Files after extracting using the WinRAR software.
    Now Click on the Next Button.. Your Window looks like below.

     Now Click on Start USB1 and Your Mobile Starts Flashing if your phone fails flashing try using other Methods in Listing Box


    Please Vidios Tutorial For Download In the following links :

     Click to dowenload Here


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