Tutorial Flashing SAMSUNG GT- i5503 And GT - i5500 Android

Flashing Tutorial SAMSUNG GT - i5503 or GT - i5500 Android

CHAPTER I.  Flashing equipment
Preparation Hardware:
o Original Mini - USB Cable
o What is clear for Galaxy 5 GT - i5503 model's or GT - i5500
o PC or Laptop

Flashing Preparation Software:
o Samsung Usb Drivers
o Odin Multi Downloader v4.28 [ / url ]
o File OPS ( EUROPA_v1.0.ops file )
o Winrar / ZIP / 7zip (need to extract the compressed file )
o Make sure the powersupply G5 filled 85% and a PC Power Supply in good condition .( see also electricity ga jail again ? , like turn on the electricity turned off .. he should not die power / better there UPS )
 BAB. II  Persiapan memulai Flashing
 File Preparation - Files on PC or Laptop:
o Install Samsung USB Drivers (make sure installed properly)
o Creating Folders For File - File Flashing eg GT-i5503
o Copy File "Odin Multi Downloader v4.28.exe" and "EUROPA_v1.0.ops" in Folder GT-i5503
o Install WinRAR or WinZip or 7zip
o Download the firmware or rom and place it in the folder I5503DXJP6.rar GT-i5503
o Extract using WinRAR or WinZip or 7zip firmware or rom I5503DXJP6.rar once extracted open the folder there will be a file I5503OLBJP6.tar
o Now Agan Sista Om aunt had 3 files in Folder GT-i5503 is "Odin Multi Downloader v4.28.exe", "EUROPA_v1.0.ops" and "I5503OLBJP6.tar" 

Preparation Phone Galaxy 5:
o Turn off the G5 agan sista aunt and uncle opened his rear casing G5
o Disconnect the battery then remove the SIM Card and SD CARD Disconnect
o If It Fit again batterynya
o When the G5 is OFF , simultaneously press and hold the 3 buttons are:
o Volume Down + Center button ( the button in the middle of the biggest PAD ) + Power Button
o Press and Hold 3 buttons until the screen appear the words and images G5 " DOWNLOADING "
 CHAPTER .III Started Flashing using Odin Multi Downloader
Part One Flashing :
o If the PC or Laptop SAMSUNG KIES installed , make sure the Kies program its first turn
o Connect G5 ( still in downloading mode) to your PC or Laptop using the Original Mini - USB Cable
 Part Two Flashing :
o Open the folder and run the GT-i5503 "Odin_Multi_Downloader_v4.28.exe" program.
o Make sure the Box "COM PORT MAPPING" YELLOW color, if not, then there is a problem with the USB Cable, Samsung USB Driver or G5 are not in a state DOWNLOADING, so G5 can not be flashed to repair the problem
o Ensure AutoReboot, Protect OPS and One Package in check; Debug Only be unchecked
o Select File OPS: OPS click button. Dialog box will open, navigate to the folder GT-i5503 and then select "EUROPA_v1.0.ops"
o Select the firmware or rom: Click One Package button. Dialog box will open, navigate to the folder GT-i5503 and then select "I5503OLBJP6.tar"
o Before proceeding to pray first and make sure the back steps - the steps above,,
o Click on "START BUTTON" to start flashing. Flashing takes approximately 5 minutes and will be seen flashing in the status message box on the left
o Your G5 will automatically reboot in the flashing, wait until at odin said "PASS" it signifies Flashing process and success. 
Part Three After Flashing :
o After the Flashing Completed and successful ..Mandatory on your G5 HARD RESET using the secret code
o to hardreset , open Dialer Tab (unusual for a call ) and type * 2767 * 3855 #
o This Hardreset process takes a few seconds or minutes ,
o Once the process is complete hardreset G5 G5 automatically reboot and its entry into the homescreen      mode indicates successful
o To ensure that in Flashing Firmware version check phone information ; * # * # 1234 # * # *
File Flash:
Usb Driver:
7zip :


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