Edit IMEI MTK Android: 6516, 6513/6573, 6575/77

This app is designed for processors MTK: 6516, 6513/6573, 6575/77.
This application allows you to change the current or lost IMEI, write new IMEI either manually or using the button generation.
If you are using generate IMEI, the application takes the first eight digits of your current IMEI (using a rule), and the other generates itself.
There are also two IMEI assign one value. If the root of the memory card is a file IMEI.txt, you can choose to download the file from the IMEI (not verified). For the application, you must have root.

- Reading the current IMEI
- Generate new IMEI
- Manual entry of new IMEI
- Write new IMEI
- The ability to select the source IMEI (from the phone (the original), or from a memory card file IMEI.txt)

Before installing, remove all SIM card from the phone.
Install the application.
When you first launch the application will notify you about the type of your device, click "ok".
The application automatically reads the current IMEI. If the automatic reading of current IMEI not the case, click the "count" and the current IMEI will be displayed in the application.
For an application to work correctly on your phone, then run the application, press the menu button on your smartphone, open the application menu, click "connect", allow Superuser rights, there will be a window in which the application will notify you that the connection to read and write set.
To create a new IMEI you can click the "generate" and the application (using the rule) will generate a new (e) IMEI.
You can also manually enter your new IMEI.
For new IMEIbyli different uncheck "the same IMEI".
Application, you can specify the source ie IMEI if you select "use an external file txt" it means that you have the root of the memory card should be a file IMEI.txt.
Once you have entered manually or generated new IMEI press "record." IMEI values ​​are written to the phone. Click "exit". For new IMEI to take effect you must restart the device.

The application has been tested by me personally on the phone MT6516 (h6 android 2.2) and MT6575 (lenovo A750 android 2.3.6).
On the Lenovo A750 (MT6575) is not working fast off (in the Applications menu has a corresponding button).

MTK: 6516, 6513/6573, 6575/77


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