TinyUmbrella Download 6.12.00 Version for iOS 6.1.2 Now Available

TinyUmbrella Download 6.12.00 Version for iOS 6.1.2 Now Available

Since iOS 6.1.2 was released a few days ago, jailbreak developers also update their jailbreak tools in order to provide support for the new firmware. In this respect, the well-known TinyUmbrella software was also updated to 6.12.00 version with support for iOS 6.1.2. Therefore, you can download TinyUmbrella 6.12.00 for iOS 6.1.2 if you want to be able to save your SHSH blobs.
You know that every time a new iOS version is released, specialists advise you to save your SHSH blobs if you want to downgrade to a certain firmware when a new one is released.
Apple is quite quick with closing the firmware signing, so you always need to be prepared. Actually, TinyUmbrella offers support for all iOS 6 versions, except the latest beta one, and namely the iOS 6.1.3.
As you already know, the latest version of iOS has caused certain rumors and discussions in the jailbreak community because it seems to patch the exploits used by Evasion in order to perform an untethered jailbreak.
However, this thing makes the TinyUmbrella even more indispensable for you and for your iPhone, iPad or iPod  Touch .
TinyUmbrella is a valuable tool especially for those of you who desire to keep their jailbreak status on their devices and to downgrade to a previous signed firmware.

However, when the new iOS 6.1.3 will be revealed on the market, you should not upgrade to it if you still want to be able to use a jailbroken device.

Wth the new software containing a patch to prevent jailbreaking, we will definitely need to wait a little bit more before jailbreak developers would reveal a proper jailbreak tool for us.

Therefore, according to jailbreak specialists, users should avoid upgrading their devices to iOS 6.1.3 and in the same time, those of you who upgraded to iOS 6.1.2 in order to solve the Exchange bug, should use TinyUmbrella 6.12.00 in order to back up their SHSH blobs.

If you want to save your SHSH blobs on your iOS 6.1.2 using the new TinyUmbrella 6.12.00, you can check our tutorial posted here because the process is the same as the one for iOS 6.1.

Direct links for TinyUmbrella 6.12.00 for iOS 6.1.2

Download TinyUmbrella 6.12.00 for Windows
Download TinyUmbrella 6.12.00 for Mac


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