How to recover 3GS 4.3.5 Stuck on recovery mode

For repair 3GS STUCK ON RECOVERY you need
1- Tiny-umbrella
3- 3GS ver 4.3.4
4- 3GS ver 4.3.5
5- Red sn0w 9.8beta
6- Ireb4

 After downloading all you have to install Tiny umbrella and RUN it, now uncheck the box that says Set Host to Cydia On Exit.

 Important : Your phone must not connected during all procedure.
Now install iTunes and restart your computer.
Connect you iphone in stuck recovery mode, Itune will detect your phone and ask for restore.
Now run Tiny umbrella and start TSS Server, it will close your ITUNE software.That mean TSS server is running now.Run itune again and restore 4.3.5 with SHIFT button.
In the end if you got error 1015, that,s ok now.
Now Run REDSNOW 9.8 and add 4.3.4 ver in it for install cydia and Deactivate option and say for jailbreak, it will stuck on installing loader.
Now run IREB4 and say for fix Recovery error 1015, Now your phone will come out from recovery.
Now again run Redsnow 9.8 and select 4.3.4 ver and say for install cydia and jailbreak.After all procedure it will hang on Apple logo, now select again 4.3.4 ver in Redsnow and say for JUST BOOT right now.
Now your phone in jailbreak condition in 4.3.5 but whithout signal.For signal you must have Factory unlocked phone or 4.3.3 ver on your phone.

For downgrade you phone to 4.3.3 from 4.3.5 see my other post.


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