How to Upgrade Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread Firmware I5510XWKPH

Step by Step :

  1. Download first : Samsung Galaxy 551 / I5510 Download Program - USB cable.
  2. Download the driver used his : Samsung Galaxy 551 / I5510 USB Drivers.
  3. Her Firmware Download : Samsung I5510 / Galaxy 551 Firmwares
  4. Prepare a Micro USB data cable , can use a data cable nokia E63 or Blackberry 8520
  5. Extra semua file hasil download tadi dan install driver nya
  6. Open Odin Multi Downloader v4.34
  7. Click on OPS and enter the file : CALLISTO_v1.0.ops
  8. Click the Boot , enter the file : I5510xxxxx_BOOTLOADER_CL872686.tar.md5
  9. Click the Phone enter the file: I5510xxxxx_amss_phone_CL776067.tar.md5
  10. Click the PDA file enter : I5510xxxxx_PDA_CL872686.tar.md5 
  11. Click on CSC enter the file : GT-I5510-CSC-MULTI-Oxxxxx.tar.md5
  12. Put batrei on Hape 
    Press the Q key on the phone is not released followed press the POWER button to exit the screen cellphone Downloading.
     Make sure the phone sdh terdetekti can be seen in column Comport Maping
    Let the phone software goes to completion ( does not take long , only about 2 minutes )

    Do full factory reset, this is useful if you'll experience bootloops after flashing. Master reset by code *2767*3855# or via recovery mode pressing the "T key and Power key" will get you in recovery mode just scroll down to Wipe Data/Factory reset.
    Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 Recovery mode


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