Galaxy S3 Custom ROM ( SuperNexus )- Turn S3 into Nexus 4

LG Nexus 4 is the Google is Google’s fourth Nexus-branded Android smartphone that was designed with and manufactured by LG Electronics. Nexus 4 was launched with the new Android 4.2 operating system and featured with a 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, 2 GB of RAM, 8 or 16 GB of internal storage.

I still not get the Nexus 4  Android phones, but here is the custom ROM that special design for international Galaxy S3 GTi9300 phones. This custom ROm will change your Galaxy S3 UI and Navigation still look same as Nexus 4. Besides this, this custom ROM based on Android 4.1.2 firmware also was design for better performance , added new function and features.

Here is the summary of the ROM Features:

Fully Deodexed
Zipaligned APKs
Rooted (Super SU)
BusyBox Installed
No 3rd Party App
ZERO Bloatware
Android Source Code vastly improved and optimized (i.e. Bionic, Dalvik, Webkit, Framework, libcore, SQlite etc)
Official Jelly Bean Bootanimation (From Official Galaxy Nexus Android 4.2.1 Factory Image)
Init.d Support
Rsync Support
UserInit Support
Bash & Nano Support
Native SIP/VOIP Support
OpenSSH Support (ssh, sshd, scp, stfp)
HSPA+ Support
OpenVPN Support
EXT4 File System Optimizations
Galaxy S III Device Settings As An App
Large APN & SPN List
Options for switching between USB Mass Storage and MTP/PTP (On Specific Devices)
Framework Features:
-Extended Power Menu (Reboot, Recovery, Download & Screenshot Options)
-Improved Scrolling Cache
-Tweaked Animation Values Of Progress Spinners (Silky Smooth Loading Spinners)
-Enabled Rotation Lock Tile in Quick Settings for Phones (Previously was only enabled on Tablets)
-Increased Lockscreen Widget limit from 5 to 9
-Enabled Copy/Paste in Gtalk
Camera Features:-
-Burst Shot (Up to 20 Images at once)
-ISO Mode
-Touch Focus Duration
-Power Shutter (Click Power Button To Capture Image/Video)
-Color Effects
-Shutter Timer
-Zero-Shutter Lag (On Specific devices)
-Touch-to-focus timeout duration settings
-Volume button zoom controls to camera and camcorder
Browser Features:-
-Increased Maximum Tab limit from 16 to 64
-Incognito Tab Option (When long pressed on an URL)
-Option To Close All Tabs With One-Click
-Allowed Any Type Of File To Be Downloaded
-Enabled WebGL (Ultra smooth browsing)
Phone Features:-
-T9 Dialer Support
-Landscape Dialer Support
-Transparency To Incall Screen
-Noise Suppression
Miscellaneous Features:
-Allowed Installation Of Apps From Unknown Sources By Default
-Allowed Any Type Of File To Be Sent/Received Via Bluetooth
-Disabled Data Roaming By Default
-Removed Google’s Software Updates Option from Settings
-Enabled Gesture Input By default
-Hardware Information of the device (Settings>About Device>Hardware Information)

Note: Flash or modified Galaxy S3 firmware will void the phone warranty. Method below is only for your reference and only for the international Galaxy S3 GTi9300. Try it on your own risk.

Step1 : Your Galaxy S3 must get Root access and install CWM Recovery. You can refer tutorial here on how to root Galaxy S3. Step flashing this custom ROM will wide all your phone data, so made a proper backupbefore  proceed to step as below.

Step2 : Super Nexus(.zip) custom ROM from the developer link.

Step3: Power off your Galaxy S3.

Step4: Boot into Recovery Mode by press the Power Button + Volume Up Button +Home Button.

Step5: Now you are boot into CWM Recovery Mode. Then you need perform Wipe cache partition, wipe data and factory reset.

Step6: Now, go to  install zip from SDCard > Choose zip from SDCard > Super Nexus(.zip)> Yes – Install Super Nexus(.zip).

Step 7: The flashing process is start.

Step 9:Reboot your phone after installation complete.



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