How To (One Click) Tune Galaxy Note 2 and S3 Network Signal, Audio, GPU and Battery

Previously, we have showed you lot of method on how to increase or tune your Galaxy Note 2 and S3 system for better performance. You can install the Mod kernels, custom ROM or direct edit the system file. If you are Android Developers, then i think you are interest to know how the Android system can be improve by direct change the system file. For example, the Android system which we have learned before includes Build.prop, Network hidden menu, vold.fstab and more. Sure, we will discussed more on the Android others system file in coming posts.

Others than changes the system file, install kernel and Custom ROM, now you can tune your Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 more easier through the free application- Android  Tweaker.  Android Tweaker was develop by Android Popular ROM (JellyBAM) developer Team and this application allow you to enable or disable the system tuning by simple 1 click. You not need to boot into system recovery to flash the custom kernel and ROM. Android Tweaker application only support rooted Galaxy Note 2 and S3, So you can refer here for how to root Galaxy Note 2 and here for how to root Galaxy S3.

I think that this application Android Tweaker is useful and easier for Android developers to perform test on  the Android system. You can download the free version of  Android Tweaker from Google Play Store.



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