BB Apps : Documents ToGo v1.0.1233 For Blackberry 10

It is Documentd ToGo Full Version for Blackberry 10
Download the application , and do your best work anywhere.
Besides being able to view Microsoft Word , Excel and PowerPoint , to Full Version may also have the ability to unlock :
• Edit, View \u0026 Create Microsoft Word , Excel , PowerPoint \u0026 files \u0026 high fidelity view of your PDF files
• NEW !Supports password protected Word \u0026 Excel 97-2008 files
• NEW !Google Docs support!Download , view \u0026 edit your files from Google Docs directly in Docs To Go .
• NEW !Desktop Application for bi - directional synchronization with your device USB cable .Seamlessly move files from device to computer (Available on Windows Only * ) using the new application , and our FREE desktop.
Join the half million other people and get a # 1 Selling Office Suite, Documents To Go
Note: You need Software DDPB on your PC for installing the application into your Blackberry 10
For further support, please visit our website at
The DataViz Advantage
Docs To Go, now in its 12th year, which is developed by DataViz, Inc., a producer of quality software for Windows & Mac for over 26 years. In addition to Android, Documents To Go is also currently available for iPhone and Blackberry.
More info on Full Version Features  .

• Word To Go includes rich formatting features including bold, italic , underline , font color , alignment , bulleted and numbered lists , tables , bookmarks , comments , footnotes , endnotes , track- changes , word count, find \u0026 replace , etc.
• Sheet To Go offers powerful data computation with support for 111 functions , format cells, number and sheet , row and column preferences , auto -fit options, freeze pane , sort , cut , copy , paste, undo , redo , charting ,

• Slideshow To Go allows you to easily " film" through slides , review notes , practice time and make last minute modifications to presentations on the go .
• PDF To Go provides high -fidelity view important reference materials with options for page view , word wrap , auto -rotate , bookmarks , search, select and copy text , and more.
• Google Docs Support Download, view and edit your files from your Google Docs account directly in Docs To Go .Any changes you make can be saved and synchronized back to Google Docs so that you 'll always have the most up-to -date version .You can even create new files in Docs To Go and upload them immediately to your account .
• Desktop Synchronization : Transfer files from your Windows PC to your Android device via USB .Any edits made ​​in either location will automatically sync and 100 % of the original file formatting will be maintained via our Intact Technology .
• Total access with support for attachments , password - protected files , built -in file browser, memory card support , and new Live Folder for recently used documents
• Localized in English, French , Italian , German , Spanish , Portuguese , Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese , Turkish , Russian , Polish, Czech and Arabic and traditional and simplified Chinese.
Why choose Documents To Go:
• Documents To Go Full feature not just a viewer , it's a complete solution with a wide view AND editing features .Simply unlock premium features by purchasing a ' Full Version Key ' from the Android Market .
 • First to market Documents To Go is the first mobile Office suite for Android that supports editing of native Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint files.
• Powered by the technology intact. Recognized technology DataViz 'ensures all original file formatting is retained once a file has been edited on your Android device and then forwarded on.
• Send & receive attachments. Documents To Go is integrated with Gmail and other e-mail applications like RoadSync for quick and easy native attachment downloading and sending.

• Original. Open Word and Excel files on your Android phone without any desktop or server conversion needed. 
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