Nokia Asha 200 Simcard jumper Solution

Here a little I will Discuss / elaborate the issue of simcard in the Nokia X2-02 and Nokia asha 200 as an example:

But not close the possibility of a Brand-other brand using Dual Simcard.
Actually, if we observe with not much different Placingnya Component layout of the X2-02 with Asha 200.
Once the basseband same processor that is in use.
Here the important thing is to know how it works System Controler Dual simcard (simcard can be read).
What steps should be taken where Simcard If one does not read the phonsel.

Step analysis as follows :
1.Simcard 2 can be read by Phonsel certainly should Simcard 1 first detected in Phonsel
This means that 2 can be read Simcard ,Simcard Should the 1 first installed .

2.Simcard one could read would have the Voltace and Line Sources connected between from Conektor Simcard Towards Driver simcard
and the next would be in control In Dual Simcard Controler Links to Basseband Processor ( PMU ) .
3.Voltace vsim conveyed At Con Simcard:
4.Cek at Pin - pin Simcard Conektor as follows:
4.Sim_IO / data
This should be the fourth series It reads the Basseband Processor / PMU .
Absolute System is working simcard 1.
Similarly Simcard works the same two terms is needed from Points 1 to 4 above .
This means that if found Simcard Case 2 unreadable live check his condition .
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